What you can expect from our
life coach and business coach
training courses

Creating and expanding
your coaching career

The Purpose of our coaching courses…

is to train and equip you
with the necessary knowledge, skills and wisdom
to work as a professional coach and/or mentor
(both life coach and business coach)
in a variety of settings,
and to grow in your confidence and effectiveness
in coaching and mentoring others.

To achieve our goal…

  • We will introduce you to the purpose and power of internal (self) coaching – as part of your growth in coaching effectiveness. During this part of the training you will engage in a process of self-discovery, of understanding yourself as a coach, of realizing your potential, and of developing a style of coaching/mentoring that suits you personally.
  • We will train you in the science, theory, and art of coaching and mentoring that you need to impact the productivity and effectiveness of individuals, businesses, and organizations.
  • We will help you to understand the business and life contexts in which coaching and mentoring take place – including an introduction to coaching in the world of business and corporate management (i.e. the fundamentals of high impact, incisive and intentional coaching and mentoring within corporate contexts).
  • We will guide you in mastering effective coaching and mentoring tools that will enable you to work through the challenges your clients face at every stage of their coaching journey – tools based on neuroscience and brain intelligences principles. The assessment tools (for example) will cover all the specific outcomes, embedded knowledge, and skills required. And you will learn how to create assessment tools for your coaching interventions.
  • We will empower you to design effective coaching and mentoring interventions. You will learn how to select the appropriate coaching model for your coaching context and personal style, and how to discern the best ways to weave your skills, experience, and expertise into the development and unfolding of your coaching/mentoring processes.
  • We will teach you

How to manage the coaching/mentoring process, including:how to co-create and develop clear, attainable, and measurable solutions ( results-oriented outcomes) for and with the clients you work with how to co-create coaching and mentoring agreements and contracts for your clients;

How to conduct effective and orchestrated coaching and mentoring interventions;

How to evaluate client progress,

How to monitor and measure results (the return on investment – ROI, and VOI) of all coaching and mentoring interventions;

How to assess the impact of your coaching and mentoring style on the clients;

And how to negotiate new contracts or changes in the existing contract.

  • We will guide you in the process of gaining experience and confidence in your coaching and mentoring abilities – amongst other ways, through practical coaching/mentoring assignments (with feedback from clients) and supervision by trained coach trainers.
  • We will ensure that you get exposure to the use of technology in coaching and mentoring;
  • We teach you how to utilize feedback from clients to grow in effectiveness;
  • We will give you clear guidelines on how to establish your own, branded coaching practice – including how to compile a one-page personal BIO and marketing document (based on your competencies in action), and a clear process of creating and implementing a business plan within the market and the niche you focus on;
  • We will give you access to our online library and technical reference materials to empower you in your studies.
  • And we will support you throughout your journey of self-development, both to ensure your academic success and your success as an entrepreneur.

and when it comes to the way our coaching courses run,
you will find…

While the core training is on video, it is supplemented with:

  • Assignments are in the form of research work, one-on-one coaching feedback, journaling, self-study, essays, reading summaries, self-discovery, development of models and questionnaires;
  • Work/contextual integrated learning experiences;
  • Feedback from real-time experiences
  • The use of triads and dyads to integrate learning and gain experience
  • Mindfulness exercises, journaling, and meditation to enhance the depth of learning
  • Webinars;
  • Interactive sessions with one-on-one or group skype tutoring;
  • Face to face encounters with lecturers;
  • Designing of research-based questionnaires;
  • Groupthink, and
  • Finally: a live one-on-one coaching (mentoring) session assessed by one of our qualified assessors.

then you will have achieved the goal of your coach/mentor training courses…

Upon the completion of our courses…

  • You will receive SABPP Certification that is recognized by SAQA, stating the Unit Standards and Credits. Your details will be entered into the national SAQA Learner Database for future use of Credits, as and when needed. (SABPP/SAQA Certification). You will be accredited as an NQF level 5 Life coach and an NQF Level 3 Mentor;
  • You will receive a VIP Coaching and Mentoring Certificate – including the logos of accreditation and affiliations with international institutions;
  • You will get access to COMENSA Credentialing and save on the cost of membership. Once you have logged the necessary one-on-one coaching hours required by COMENSA (the Professional Body of Coaches and Mentors in South Africa) you may apply for immediate recognition of credentialed membership for level 1, 2, or Master. Your competency assessment by the VIP Coaching and Mentoring Institute automatically qualifies you for membership and credentialing with COMENSA. You will not need to pay the cost of over R3800-00 (excl VAT) that others, without VIP assessment, will need to pay to COMENSA.
  • Your training with VIP Coach Training Institute will be recognized worldwide – which means that you can become a member of several international bodies, including:

International Association of Coaches

World Business Coaching Association

International Association of Life Coaches

International Association of Coaches (Harvard)

Association of Executive Coaches

Coaching and Mentoring South Africa

  • Additional option – You could also write an online multiple-choice examination to gain international certification with the International Coaching Community (ICC) – Africa.

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