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Our training courses…

  • combines the knowledge and methods from both the fields of coaching and mentoring;
  • holds true to academic models and theory, that is, to underlying knowledge from the fields of psychology, self-development, counseling and organisational management;
  • is focused on the developing and coaching the whole person
  • is geared towards practical success in the world of work (focused on 21 st century – Future Focused World competencies);
  • is designed with thinking and learning styles in mind;
  • incorporates scientifically proven methodologies;
  • is geared towards creating the self confidence needed to facilitate effective coaching interventions, and
  • is flexible (you can learn at your own pace).

 Step-by-step process for life and business coach training courses…

When you start on your journey to becoming a professional life or business coach, you enroll with the accredited foundational courses we offer. After completing these courses you can register as a professional life/business coach. Afterward, you can build on this foundation by adding niche specialization courses… to eventually equip yourself as a Master business and Life coach. Or as an executive Business Coach, Leadership coach, etc.

To lay the best possible foundation, we include training both as a coach and as a mentor. Mostly, because you will need both skillsets to be an effective life or business coach.

Depending on your pace, you should be able to finish the foundational training for life and business coaching within 12-18 months. To give you a better idea of the journey ahead, it is set out below as a step-by-step process: 

     Step 1: Email us on to set up a one-on-one interview in which we can answer your questions and guide you in making the best decisions with regards to your coaching training options. Or phone us on 074 1981 364.…..
    Step 2: Enroll in the training course you decided on.…..
    Step 3: Complete the Pre-course Alignment and the pre-course SAQA coaching and mentoring guides assignments. Once completed you will be invited to register online to complete the online lectures and attend the group webinars and group interaction sessions.…..
    Step 4: Work through the course, including…
    lecture/videos with coach-specific training;
    written assignments;
    and supplemental course work (i.e. research, readings, group interactions, coaching, and mentoring assignments with client feedback).

     Step 5: Create your Portfolio of evidence while working through the course and the accompanying assignments. Your Portfolio of Evidence will contain your reading summaries, assignments, one-on-one coaching logs, etc.
    Step 6: Complete your final (face-to-face) coaching assessment done (either live or online) in the presence of an assessor.
    Step 7: Certification upon completion of POE
    Receive SABPP certification
    + your detail in SAQ National Learners databases
    + level 3 mentor and level 5 coach r ecognition
    + registered inSAQA National Learner Databasis
    + VIP Coaching Training Institute certification with logos of SABPP and international institutions affiliated with us.
    Step 8: To register at Comensa as a Level 1 Practitioner coach, you will need to acquire and log the allocated hours of coaching/mentoring. After that, you can register as a Level 1 Practitioner coach. To register you usually need to pay the registration fee (currently R3,000.00), plus an administration fee. However, because VIP Coaching Training Institute is already a recognized SAQA approved training Provider for Comensa, you will save the Registration fee and will only have to pay the admin fee.

      Specialized coaching courses: The road ahead…

       When you are registered as a practitioner coach, or you have gained the required amount of coaching experience, you can enroll in specialized courses that build on the foundational philosophies, processes and techniques. And improve your competency and capacity as a coach/mentor. We offer a variety of specialized training courses. As the courses are presented on request, we only offer them from time to time. You will be informed when and how.

      Examples of these specialized coaching courses include:
      Teacher Coach
      Parent Coach
      Youth Worker Coach
      Career and Self Development Coach
      NLP Coach
      Manager / Leader Coach
      Sales team Coach
      Manager/Leader Mentor
      HR Change Agent Coach
      Team Coach
      Wealth Creation Coach
      Leadership Competencies Coach

      You choose any two of these courses to become a specialist in these fields. These courses usually consists of 10-month programme of practical and mini-thesis, with Portfolio of Evidenve from coachees/clients.

      You can also choose to become a master life or business coach. To enroll in this program you must have business knowledge and experience of at least 6-8 years. It usually takes 10 months to finish the course. It includes (amongst other things) tool development with questionnaires, 360 feedback on your coaching from coachees, logged one-on-one group/team coaching and a thesis.

      Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a master coach.

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